Who Are We?

The Williamson County DUI Court Foundation is a non-profit organization established to support matters relating to the Williamson County DUI Court and to secure funding and provide financial aid toward the operation and expansion of the Williamson County DUI Court.

The Williamson County DUI Court was founded in 2010 by General Sessions Judge Denise Andre to help non-violent multiple DUI offenders affected by addiction the opportunity to make life altering changes to break the cycle of alcohol dependency with intensive supervision, treatment and regular court appearances through the 1 year term. The goal of the Williamson County General Sessions DUI Court is to save lives and increase community safety by decreasing the number of alcohol-related crashes and fatalities, DUI arrests, and repeat offenses.

To date, the Williamson County General Sessions Court has 11 graduates and 13 current participants. Your support of our foundation will help our programs continue to grow, changing lives for the better and creating a safer community for all of us.






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  1. Ran into Judge Andres earlier this evening and I am always interested in all that the DUI Court of Williamson County stands for. I am excited for the the success and the growth of this life changing organization!

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